Deck Feature - Dark Zombie OTK

Here is my new experience Zombie OTK Build
This Deck are harder to play as you think
And Mystic Tomato is are the great Key Card in the Deck.
The Card searchin another Monsters like Goblinzombie, Armageddon Knight, Summoner Monk, Sangan, Plague, D-Hero Malicious and Necro Gardna.

After in your own turn you can made many Big Combos with Summon Priest, Armageddon Knight, Goblinzombie and Dark Grepher.

When u beginning with Gold you can search Cards like Burial, Monster Reborn, Dark Armed Dragon, Crush Card Virus, Cold Wave or something else.
It is everything hard for your oppenent when you have a Gamebreaker like these one.

Cold Wave gives your a next turn and your oppenent can´t playing any Gamebreaker like Brain, Monster Reborn or Mind Control in his Turn.

Finally Solemn + Wing Blast completed my Zombie Deck.
These Cards are good to play in your attack or defense position.


You get the OTK with a normaly draw in Turn 4-6.

This Deck made very fun
Have fun with it!

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