YuGiOh! Online 3 V-Jump 7/2010




Crow Hogan

1st Friendship LV = Blackwing - Bora the Spear
2nd Friendship LV = Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame
3rd Friendshil LV = Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn

Counter Card = Thunder King Rai-Oh, Vanity Fiend, Black Horn of Heaven
Avatar Item = Crow’s Garms (3rd Friendship LV)

Bandit Keith

1st Friendship LV = Zoa
2nd Friendship LV = Blowback Dragon
3rd Friendshil LV = Twin-Barrel Dragon

Counter Card = Divine Wrath, Forced Back , Doomcaliber Knight
Avatar Item = Keith’s Garms (3rd Friendship LV)

Hell Kaiser

1st Friendship LV = Cyber End Dragon
2nd Friendship LV = Cyberdark Dragon
3rd Friendship LV = Chimeratech Overdragon

Counter Card = Non-Fusion Area, Misspolymerization, Special Hurricane
Avatar Item = Kaiser’s Garms (3rd Friendship LV)

All of them will be available in game on 2010/5/28.
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Deck Feature - Dark Zombie OTK

Here is my new experience Zombie OTK Build
This Deck are harder to play as you think
And Mystic Tomato is are the great Key Card in the Deck.
The Card searchin another Monsters like Goblinzombie, Armageddon Knight, Summoner Monk, Sangan, Plague, D-Hero Malicious and Necro Gardna.

After in your own turn you can made many Big Combos with Summon Priest, Armageddon Knight, Goblinzombie and Dark Grepher.

When u beginning with Gold you can search Cards like Burial, Monster Reborn, Dark Armed Dragon, Crush Card Virus, Cold Wave or something else.
It is everything hard for your oppenent when you have a Gamebreaker like these one.

Cold Wave gives your a next turn and your oppenent can´t playing any Gamebreaker like Brain, Monster Reborn or Mind Control in his Turn.

Finally Solemn + Wing Blast completed my Zombie Deck.
These Cards are good to play in your attack or defense position.


You get the OTK with a normaly draw in Turn 4-6.

This Deck made very fun
Have fun with it!

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New Konami Patch + Booster Pack 50

We have a new patch today, They add many thing into the game and game version change to 1.020. Here what they add.

Booster Pack 50 (Crossroads of Chaos) release 04/23/2010.


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YuGiOh! Online 3 V-Jump 6/2010


Start from: 04/23/2010

Kujaku Mai

1st Friendship LV = Harpie Lady
2nd Friendship LV = Amazoness Paladin
3rd Friendship LV = Harpie Queen
Avatar Item = Mai’s Garms


1st Friendship LV = Morphtronic Celfon
2nd Friendship LV = Morphtronic Radion
3rd Friendship LV = Morphtronic Remoten
Avatar Item = Lua’s Garms


1st Friendship LV = Gift Card
2nd Friendship LV = Ancient Forest
3rd Friendship LV = Kuribon
Avatar Item = Luca’s Garms

Marufuji Sho

1st Friendship LV = Steamroid
2nd Friendship LV = Vehicroid Connection Zone
3rd Friendship LV = Super Vehicroid Stealth Union
Avatar Item = Sho’s Glasses

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YuGiOh! Online 3 V-Jump 5/2010


14 wins you got Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
20 wins you got a right to challenge Jack atlas and Deck Recipe “Power of Bonds”
45 wins you got Debris Dragon
50 wins you got Scrap Metal Title
55 wins you got Deck Recipe “Regained Bonds” and Frienship LV with Yusei become 3 He will using “Evolving Bonds” Deck
90 win you got Assault Beast
105 win you got Deck Recipe “Evolving Bonds”, “Stardust Duelist” Title and a Right to purchase Avatar Item “Yusei’s Garms” at Blister’s Hideout


45 wins against Jack you will get “Dark Resonator”
90 wins against Jack you will get “Vice Dragon”


14 wins vs Akiza you get Wall of Thorns
20 wins vs Akiza gets deck recipe: “Chilling Rose”
45 win against Akiza you get “Black Garden”
50 wins against Akiza and you get “Psychic Duelist” Title
55 win against Akiza you get Deck Recipe “Whispers of the Black Rose”
90 wins against Akiza you got “Tytannial, Princess of Camellias”

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